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• Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Hearing Disorders
• Latest Hearing Aid Technology with many options and price-points available
• Repair and Reprogramming, even if you bought a product elsewhere

Meet Dr. Lowkes

Dr. Kathy Lowkes

I am Dr. Katherine Lowkes, Board Certified Audiologist, but please call me Kathy. I was born in Minnesota and raised just outside of Buffalo, NY. Not knowing yet that I wanted to become an audiologist, I attended the University of Vermont and received a B.S. in Natural Resources.

Afterwards, I lived and worked in Michigan, Alaska, and Massachusetts. Realizing I had not yet found my true calling, I decided to continue my education. While taking an ‘Anatomy’ class, I became fascinated by the complexities of the human ear and decided to become an Audiologist. I received my Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Connecticut and my Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.

Having fallen in love with Vermont while attending UVM, I returned in 2001 and have practiced audiology in the Manchester area ever since.

Our Services

Patient-Centered Care
  • Evaluation of an individual’s symptoms, concerns, lifestyle, and listening needs
Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
  • Air and bone conduction, speech discrimination, effects of background noise, tympanometry, and otoacoustic emissions.
Proper Referrals to other Health Professionals
Hearing Aid Evaluations and Fitting
  • High quality hearing aid technology from multiple manufacturers, recommendations based on an individual’s hearing loss and listening needs, thorough counseling, 45-day trial period, free service visits for the life of a hearing aid warranty (1- to 3-years)
Hearing Aid Repair and Reprogramming
  • Even if you bought a product elsewhere (with the exception of “locked” devices)
Custom Hearing Protection
  • Since there is no cure for noise-induced hearing loss, prevention is the sensible alternative. We offer custom hearing protection for musicians, operators of heavy equipment or power tools, gun/shooting enthusiasts, and participants in motor sports.
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