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• Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Hearing Disorders
• Latest Hearing Aid Technology with many options and price-points available
• Repair and Reprogramming, even if you bought a product elsewhere


“I am a Senior who waited too long to remedy my hearing loss. My family encouraged me constantly to have a hearing test so that I could enjoy my time with them more fully. A friend recommended Dr. Katherine Lowkes because of her reputation for professional and personal attention to her clients. Honestly, I wish that I had purchased my hearing aids sooner. They have improved the quality of my life tremendously.” — M.B. (Rutland, VT)

“My wife has had hearing problems for most of her adult life and received care from audiologists in NY while living there. We have been fortunate to have the wonderful, caring, and expert assistance of Dr. Katherine Lowkes during our recent years in Manchester, VT. She is a wonderful resource.” — P.P. (Manchester, VT)

“I have had a severe hearing loss for many years and have dealt with numerous hearing professionals in my life. For twenty-five years of my working life I taught English to junior high students, so my hearing was very important to me. I am now 94 years of age and for me the most professional handling of my hearing loss has been and still is, under the care of Dr. Katherine J. Lowkes.” — J.B. (Manchester, VT)

“I have been working with Dr. Lowkes for over eight years. Our relationship began with my first hearing aids when I was working in an acoustically challenged building. Dr. Lowkes was tenacious in working to set my aids as perfectly as they could be for that environment. She was successful and helped me to continue working after my hearing loss. It’s not often that you come across a medical professional as caring of her clients and as meticulous in her work as Dr. Lowkes. I’m very fortunate to have found her.” — K.T. (Arlington, VT)

“Dr. Katherine Lowkes at Southern Vermont Audiology has been a tremendous help to members or our family with a variety of hearing problems. Careful testing of hearing loss, helpful explanations of available options and prices, plus prompt service when needed have developed three well-satisfied customers.” — G.I. (Woodford, VT)

“Recently, a hearing test showed that I had lost a significant part of my high frequency hearing. I did not believe that it was significantly affecting my ability to hear or understand. I agreed, however, to give hearing aids a trial. Now I have found that people’s speech is much crisper. Also, I did not realize that I was straining to hear. Now I am more relaxed, confident that I am not missing anything.” — J.W. (South Londonderry, VT)

“I was having difficulty hearing with my old hearing aids and was losing confidence in the facility where I had purchased them. I was left out of conversations with my friends because I couldn’t hear them clearly. Luckily, I found Dr. Lowkes and she fit me with a new hearing aid which opened up a whole new world. Now I can follow and participate in conversations.” — H.E. (Shushan, NY)

“Well worth the money!” — R.B. (Sandgate, VT)

Meet Dr. Lowkes

Kathy LowkesWhile taking an ‘Anatomy’ class, I became fascinated by the complexities of the human ear and decided to become an Audiologist.

I received my Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Connecticut and my Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.

Having fallen in love with Vermont while attending UVM, I returned in 2001 and have practiced audiology in the Manchester area ever since.

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